The Temple’s Gift – A Free Bout for Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera!

Cover image of The Temple's Gift supplement

Hello! The festive break here in the UK may be drawing towards its end at time of writing, but we still have the new year festivities to go. New year is rather a big deal in Ostendere too, and in that spirit I’ve used my time off wisely this year and cooked up a festive … Read moreThe Temple’s Gift – A Free Bout for Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera!

Build Your Own Fighting Pit of Baad Tibera

If you’ve followed along with my last two blogs then you should now have some Fighters ready to fight in your Fighting Pits! Of course, in order for this to happen you’ll need a Fighting Pit for your Fighting Pit-fighters to fight in! Fortunately I can help with that.

Creating Your Fighters Part 2

Character Design When it comes to writing up Fighter sheets for your favourite miniatures or new creations, I’ve found that the best place to start isn’t even on the sheet – first decide their backgrounds. This doesn’t need to be extensive, or even that involved; a sentence, or a few words will suffice. Even a … Read moreCreating Your Fighters Part 2

Creating Your Fighters

PART 1 – BUILD AND PAINT One of the joys of Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera is to take a favourite miniature and write them into the rules, translating their weapons and armour, deciding what skills and Signatures they might have, whether they’re charismatic or wilful, and making them play the way you always imagined … Read moreCreating Your Fighters