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Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera

Cover image of the Fighting Pits Rulebook


1 to 4 players
Limited solitaire play
Time: 30 mins – 3 hours
System: The Phantasos Engine (12 sided dice exclusively)

Inside this 120 page, fully illustrated rulebook you will find:

Low restriction rules for placing your favourite miniatures straight into the game – there are no set stat-lines, or skills lists; a simple, points based Fighter creation system applies RPG flexibility to a tabletop skirmish game! Create the Fighters YOU want and play them YOUR way!

A visceral and dynamic combat system that keeps your Fighters on the move, and allows you to deal out long-term, game changing injuries to your opponents!

Over 40 special Signature moves with which to customize your Fighters and impress the crowds!

A modular magic system with over 30 spell effects and optional rules for creating your own!

Full rules for placing in-game wagers on the outcomes of your Bouts – even the spectators can join in!

A full campaign system – watch your Fighters grow with experience or succumb to their lasting injuries as you follow the fortunes of your Fighter House!

In-depth background for the city of Baad Tibera and the world beyond, and the variety of magical peoples that inhabit it, to really bring your Fighters, and your games to life!

Eight sample Fighters!

And more!


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Some cheerful models enjoying Cult of Nyx Games t-shirts

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