Cult of Nyx Games

Welcome to Cult of Nyx Games, home of the Phantasos Engine.

I founded Cult of Nyx Games with one goal in mind.

I grew up playing fantasy game book series, table-top roleplaying games, and miniature wargames.

I love the cinematic immediacy of miniatures games, the open world storytelling freedom of roleplaying, the thrilling solo adventures of game books. I longed for a game that could combine all three.

I’ve never found it. So I’m creating my own.

A tall order, you might say. Certainly. Will I succeed? Time will tell.

But if you’re willing to join me on this journey, I can promise you tales of heroic, narrative adventure, as I create the games I’ve always wanted to play, and share them with you.

Best wishes,

Kev Rooney


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