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Cult of Nyx Games and the Extraordinary Laser Company are very pleased to present the print edition of ‘Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera’, the fantasy game of tactical arena combat, featuring: up to four players, pit traps, towers, magic, monsters, packs of wild beasts and more!*

The 120 page, full colour, illustrated rulebook is printed on high quality paperstock and finished with a durable metal ring bind, which allows it to sit open flat on your gaming table – making rules reference a doddle!

Need a Fighting Pit? Let us help! Choose from either the deluxe, limited edition, double sided MDF gaming arena, featuring warm sands on one face and cool stone on the other; or our durable PVC playmat for quick play and easy storage!

With pre-printed MDF towers, fences, and game accessories also available, the variety of bouts that you can fight is limited only by your imagination! All you need to provide are your favourite fantasy miniatures…

…though if you have none to hand, we’ve got you covered there too!

Finally, you can’t wager the house on your favourite Fighter coming out on top without some authentic Tiberan chits; printed with a gloss finish, illustrated front and back, and liberally decorated with… the true currency of the Pits, these fun, thematic bank notes are perfect for when you enjoy your gaming immersion turned up to 11!

Head on over to the XLC’s website now by clicking the link below to explore all this and more from these wizards of pre-printed, hassle free, durable wargames terrain! You won’t regret it!

Order Now!

*Lions, tigers and bears, if you wanted. Oh my!


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