Fighting Pits Downloads

I’ve teamed up with the amazing, pre-printed MDF terrain makers, the XLC, to produce a line of high quality accessories with which to bring your games of Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera to life. I’m very proud of these and they will be available soon.

However, I’m aware that people might want to start their games a little smaller and I don’t want to put up a barrier to entry; far from it. You can get started with the game as simply as drawing a circle on a sheet of paper, and I actively encourage anyone to build their own accessories if they wish.

That said, and in the hopes of avoiding an all-or-nothing approach, you can find below printable playmats, one with a sidebar for sorting out your Tiberan currency and betting slips – nice, and printable sheets which allow you to construct your own tower, walls and tokens! Just print on paper, stick to card or foam and away you go! You’ll also find a bundle of forms to print at home, including Fighter Sheets, Roster Sheets, Blank Cards and Betting Slips!

Print the PDFs at 100% and they should be to scale; for reference, the Pit image is 18 inches across, and the tower eight inches high. If you don’t have access to a large scale printer then most home printers allow you to split large images across several sheets of paper; just tape them together on the back and let the games begin!


Fighting Pits Playmat

Fighting Pits Playmat with Betting Sidebar


Walls & Tokens

Fighting Pits Paper Forms


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