Crypt Fights of Baad Tibera

Enter the Crypts!

The first supplement for Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera is here – and it’s horrific! Enter the underground world of illegal Crypt Fights and field Vampires, Werewolves, and Wights as part of your criminal Syndicate! Pit your Fighters against hordes of shambling undead and mind-bending demons; or control them as foul Necromancers and twisted Diabolists!

Bring the pain to your opponents, or wince as your own Fighters are forced to roll on the Brutal Damage Table! Play solo against malevolent Vampiric Nobles and nightmare spawned Abyssal Lords!

But that’s not all! Expand your existing games of Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera – or make your Crypt Fights even more intense – with new rules for magical amulets and weapons, poisons, and physical traits for your more fantastical Fighters!

With two new Spell Elements, new Signatures and Abilities, four new Bouts and more, the Fighting Pits will never be the same again!

Download now from Wargame Vault, only £3.99!

Enter the Crypts!

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