23 59 58: 2 Seconds 2 Midnight Downloads

2 Seconds 2 Midnight is a new print and play miniatures game where you race against time to fight your way through a mad Tyrant’s bunker. In order to do this you’re going to need, well, a bunker. Fortunately I have you covered.

When you download the rulebook you’ll receive all the sheets you’ll need to print the map tiles, time tracker, standees and more that you need to get your game going, but for your convenience I’ve added them here too. Simply print the PDF, attach the sheets to foam board or heavy card (using a spray adhesive will work best) and trim them to size!

They’d also make a great interior map for any other 28mm scale modern, horror, or espionage game you might play, and if you want to download them for that without buying the game then I won’t hold it against you – maybe drop me a tip over at Kofi to say thanks?

Otherwise, click on the download link below and enjoy!


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