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The Temple’s Gift – A Festive Bout for Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera

You will need a copy of ‘Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera‘ to use this content.

Throughout Ostendere the turning of the year is viewed as a time for celebration, with governors, lords, and princes alike hosting
grand celebrations for their subjects (and oftentimes grander celebrations for their families and courtiers).
Feasting, drinking, and carousing can last up to a fortnight, depending on where in the peninsula one resides. In Baad Tibera, the festival means games; the gilded gates of the Circus Ludicrous swing wide and the most celebrated fighters in the city battle for glory on the ancient arena sands.
However, even the more modest fighting pits are not excluded from the celebrations and the Clerics of the Temple of Vuleria, flush with another year’s takings – and perhaps one too many bottles of festive mead – will donate rare and magical items to the smaller arenas for their fighters to duel over.
For the arena, a guaranteed flow of patrons eager to watch the spectacle; and for the fighters, the chance to wield weapons of enormous arcane power…

‘The Temple’s Gift’ is a three page Bout, perfect for Headline or One-off Bouts and up to 4 players, with a new Signature, bespoke rules and the game’s first magic weapon!

Oh, and it’s completely free. Enjoy!