23 59 58: 2 Seconds 2 Midnight


23 59 58: 2 Seconds 2 Midnight’ is a solo adventure game that sees you racing the clock through a mad Tyrant’s Bunker, trying to prevent an imminent nuclear strike. Bluff guards, ransack lockers, hack computers, and use the Phantasos Engine’s dynamic combat system to swing opponents into desks, walls, or frankly anything else in the room! Don’t hang around though, and don’t trigger the alarm, as you only have 2 minutes to reach the War Room!

A complete print and play experience, this PDF contains 9 pages of floor tiles, cards, standees, and tokens – everything you need to play except for dice.

Designed for solo play using a simple but dynamic D6 game system, 2 Seconds 2 Midnight provides a fast moving tactical challenge, and is ideal for a quick pick up and play game when you want an exciting change of pace.


Format: PDF

Number of Players: 1

Time: 1 Hour Approx.

System: Phantasos Vignettes (D6)