Hi, I’m Kev Rooney and I’ve been doodling, cartooning, and writing tales of weird fantasy since I was very, very small indeed. I’ve also been playing games – narrative games of heroic adventure, featuring painted miniatures, pencils and dice; solo game books, co-operative roleplaying games, competitive wargames – for almost as long.

I started Cult of Nyx Games as a way to create new games, games rich in narrative and visual flair, that capture the best of those gamebooks, and RPGs, and wargames – in short, the games that I’ve always wanted to play. I’m really hoping you’ll want to play them too.


Cult of Nyx Games is the very definition of a one-man-show, and while there are a great many wonderful people who help, and have helped, get me to this stage, at the end of the day the games design, writing, illustration, social media, web design… it’s all just me. This is no complaint, far from it – I love this stuff! – but I have plans for a wealth of really exciting games and producing them in my spare time might take a while.

Therefore, if you like what I’m doing here and are able to go the extra mile to support my work, beyond buying the games of course, then please consider joining my Patreon. As well as helping fund the production of future games, you can get a Producer credit in upcoming books, exclusive game content, behind the scenes glimpses of upcoming projects and so much more. Please click below to check it out. Thanks.

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Other Work

If you’d like to explore some of my other creative output prior to games design then click below!

Download my graphic album ‘Antipathy by Night’, for free from DriveThruComics!

Check out my hobby related blog content at The Discordia Cascade!

Explore my gothic illustrations and more at Cult of Nyx!


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