New Year, New Game, New Philosophy!

2 Seconds 2 Midnight & Phantasos Vignettes

New Year..? But it’s nearly May…

Time does have a habit of getting away from you, and it’s been a short while since my Festive Bout for Fighting Pits was released, but I’ve been far from idle – it’s just a shame that there aren’t more hours in the day, and that I need to sleep or I might have been able to find time to keep you updated on my progress.

Work continues on the main Phantasos Engine Rulebook, and a ghoulish supplement for Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera, but my creative muse dragged me sideways over the last few months and something… unexpected was produced. The potential for Phantasos to be applied to games of different styles and sizes was always intentional, and games with focused scenarios and rules limited to the setting were always on my to-do list, but this latest project muscled its way to the head of the queue and opened a bunch of new doors as it did.

’23 59 58: 2 Seconds 2 Midnight’ is the first of a series of games that I’ve dubbed ‘Phantasos Vignettes’ for the very reason that they will be self-contained games; exciting, action packed scenes that are quick and easy to pick up and play, while remaining challenging, dynamic and fun. 2 Seconds certainly ticks all those boxes.

You play ‘The Protagonist’, a security agent for a Tyrant at war; overcome by the horror of what is about to play out when you hear that the Tyrant has sent for the nuclear launch codes, you set off on a mad race against time, charging through the Bunker to end the man you once swore to protect. Starting the game with no weapons or equipment, you choose whether to bluff or fight your way past the guards, hacking terminals to open sealed doors, and ransacking lockers to find the weapons and armour you’ll need for your final confrontation, aware that your every action is running down the clock.

The game plays across a scrolling map of rooms and corridors that are randomly generated from a deck of cards – the twist being that, having some idea of the Bunker’s layout it’s down to YOU to decide when the Tyrant’s War Room gets shuffled into the deck – stumble in too soon and you won’t be prepared to face him; leave it too late and the missiles might be flying before you even get there…

The game plays out with real excitement and tension, and is far from easy to win. It is constantly entertaining though.

Having ushered this game into the world the possibilities for the Phantasos Vignettes format are of course stacking up in my head – but back to business. There are a couple of minor (ha!) projects to take care of first, but the Vignettes will be back this way soon…

If I’ve wetted your appetite, ’23 59 58: 2 Seconds 2 Midnight’ is available as a PDF download here, and if you’re not already signed up to my newsletter, which will let you know when the latest games and other projects are available, then please click on the box to the right.

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