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The Temple’s Gift – A Free Bout for Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera!


The festive break here in the UK may be drawing towards its end at time of writing, but we still have the new year festivities to go. New year is rather a big deal in Ostendere too, and in that spirit I’ve used my time off wisely this year and cooked up a festive little treat for you all!

In Baad Tibera New Year means games, and the Clerics of Vuleria are in a giving mood – ancient and magical relics and weapons are donated to even the humblest fighting pits as prizes for headline bouts. The increased footfall and cashflow as crowds pack the stalls to see these relics put to lethal use benefits the pit owners and Temple; while the surviving Fighters get to keep the rare weaponry that they’ve nearly died for! Win win!

‘The Temple’s Gift’ deals with one such Bout and is available to download now, for free, right here!

I hope you have as much fun playing this as I had creating it – and if you need a copy of the rulebook first, then you can pick that up here!

Happy new year – and I’ll see you on the sands!

A Pit Fighter gratefully accepts a gift from the Temple of Vuleria and takes it for a spin in the arena

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