New 1 Day Sale!

‘Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera’ 50% off at Wargame Vault!

This Wednesday 08 December 2021, for 24 hours from 4pm GMT or 10am US Central Time, ‘Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera’ digital edition rulebook will be half price as Wargame Vault’s Deal of the Day!

Just in time for Christmas you can download the game of fantasy arena combat for less than £4.50 ($5.99)!

Once you’ve got your rules, why not head over to and pick up some of their swanky official playmats and pre-printed MDF terrain, to really bring your fighting pit bouts to life!

And don’t forget you can pick up official Cult of Nyx Games and Fighting Pits merchandise over at Redbubble!

Head on over to Wargame Vault now to take advantage of this great 1 day deal, and I’ll see you all on the sands!

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